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what is your plan to expand health coverage to all Americans?
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How was your trip to Auckland, New Zealand?
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How did you and grandma first meet?
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Persona is the first social network focused on conversations and interviews. Persona’s mission is to be the place where informative, entertaining and meaningful conversations are recorded, shared and discovered. Our goal is to “turn the selfie into a conversation.”


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Rob Simmelkjaer

Rob Simmelkjaer is a former executive and on-air journalist at ESPN, ABC News and NBC Sports. In conducting hundreds of TV interviews, Rob realized the power of a great conversation.

Rob founded Persona so that anyone can create and discover great interviews with people and subjects they care about. He is a Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School graduate.

Evan Beland

Evan is an entrepreneur, mobile developer and startup veteran with ten years experience in launching companies and building mobile apps. He has successfully deployed over 30 applications on the Apple and Android platforms, achieving millions of downloads.

He holds a unique skill set as both an engineer and business manager, with an MBA and a Master of Information Systems from Boston University.